Node Runner Pilot - Terms & Conditions

Version: 0.0.34, Updated: 2021-11-19

Please read the guidelines below and accept these Terms and Conditions to join the Mysterium Node Runner Pilot.

Mysterium Node Runner (the “Pilot”) description

This Pilot is an internal test that we are running with the purpose of gathering data on our network, users and incentive structures. It consists of onboarding both node runners and traffic providers on the Mysterium Network and analysing a set of performance metrics.

We will gradually onboard a certain number of nodes who have been pre-screened through a questionnaire, and we will give them the performance requirements. We will simultaneously push traffic through these nodes to analyse node behavior and overall network health. If the requirements are met, the nodes will receive compensation for participating in the Pilot subject to the terms below. We will be monitoring their bandwidth performance to ensure that they are meeting our requirements, and should they fall outside of the given metrics, they will not receive compensation.

Throughout the length of the Pilot, we reserve the right to make any changes to the metrics we follow in order to assess the network in a manner that we see fit. We will inform you as soon as any changes are made to the node runner requirements so you can adjust accordingly.

We cannot ensure that all or any of the participating nodes in the Pilot will continue to be used in our network once the Pilot ends. Below you will find the general terms and conditions that you will have to accept in order to continue with the Pilot.

Pilot Terms

Please note that your participation in the Pilot is voluntary and subject to the terms and conditions set forth on this page (the “Pilot Terms”).

By participating in the Pilot you are fully accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained in this document and all policies and guidelines that are incorporated by reference. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you must immediately stop participating in the Pilot and stop running a Mysterium service (docker/app/CLI) which serves as a vehicle to share bandwidth during the duration of the Pilot.

By participating in the Pilot you confirm that you are not breaking any laws, statutes, regulations, rules or otherwise and (or) violating any terms, including, but not limited to the terms of the agreement with your internet service provider.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the participation and Pilot compensation, you need to:

  • fill in the Pilot questionnaire ( and provide us with a valid email address that will be needed for:

    • to confirm your participation in the Pilot;

    • to contact you should anything go wrong with your payment. Failure to do so will result in our inability to pay you once we start the program if we can’t reach you;

    • to reach out to you to get more information about software performance;

  • get an invitation and email confirmation from us that you are approved for Pilot program;

  • be able to download and install node runner software. Although we offer discretionary support, we are not responsible for any issues with your installation during the Pilot;

  • have and provide your ETH (Ethereum) Wallet address where we can make the payments;

  • comply with node runner software terms & conditions at

  • have a residential IP (Datacenter IPs will be excluded);

  • your OS has to be active and running node desktop app and have an active Internet connection

  • not be employed or associated with NetSys Inc. or its affiliates


All payments for top nodes will be made in ETH. You will be responsible for any tax implications related to the payments you receive, as determined by the laws of your jurisdiction of residence or citizenship. Local laws may require us to ask for proof of identity.

We will determine nodes eligible for the payment based on our internally established criteria. THE CRITERIA USED TO DETERMINE NODES ELIGIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT IS SOLELY AT THE DISCRETION OF US. See the payment section for further details.

You will need to register your ETH Wallet address when you install the node runner software. Payments will be made to this wallet address only. Should you make any mistakes in giving us your wallet address we will be unable to pay you for your service.

Payments will be made on a monthly basis.

We will pay $0.07 worth of ETH per hour of your availability for sharing your bandwidth during the Pilot. Here are the requirements to continue to get paid on a monthly basis. Attention: Shutdown and sleep mode will not be able to share. Your operating system has to be active and running the required software and have an active Internet connection.

In order to receive a reward you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Accumulated minimum $5 of balance the current month. The balance that did not reach this limit is transferable to the next month.

  • 5Mbps upload speed dedicated to the node

  • Other requirements not specified the Pilot which we may determine from time to time for the internal testing purposes.

We will also be looking at the following metrics to improve the user experience for nodes but this will not affect how much you can earn:

  • Successful vs unsuccessful connections

  • Number of unique sessions during the month

  • The average duration of each session

These conditions may change throughout the Pilot and we will inform you as soon as we implement new ones.

You can always track your earnings following the link on your node dashboard or directly at

The Pilot is set to run for unlimited period of time subject to cancellation by us at any time without any prior notice.

If you are disqualified from the Program for any reason, you will NOT receive any payments.

Additional bounties may be earned throughout the Pilot and we will announce them on a rolling basis.

Changes to Program Terms

The Program Terms, including its terms, policies, conditions and disclaimers are subject to change or cancellation by us at any time, without any additional notice. As such, we may amend these Terms and/or its policies at any time. By continuing to participate in the Program after we post any such changes, you accept the Program Terms, as modified.